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It all started when I found a blog belongs to my friend: Zahira and I thought, "how about I create mine?" And six years ago, Blog Eyja was born. And I never looked back since then. It is because, blogging world is the world that I can accentuate myself. This is the place where I share my thoughts, feelings and experiences.
By the way, Eyja Masliza is my not so real name. With the age of 23 years old, I successfully own two cats. And I am going to get married with the one I love: Azman. Emak and Abah will be happy because of their only child are going to be happy. InsyaAllah.

This Blog Eyja has become part of my life and I will never stop blogging. It is because I extremely love what I am doing right now. And I would love to bring Blog Eyja not just into a higher level, but also to make it worth for everybody especially who is visiting my blog.

Feel free to contact me for review, collaboration, event or advertorial.

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