About Blog Eyja

It all started when I found a blog belongs to my friend: Zahira and I thought, "how about I create mine?" And... seven years ago in a one fine day, Blog Eyja was born. And I never looked back since then. It is because, blogging world is the world that I finally can accentuate myself. This is the place where I share my thoughts, my feelings and also my experiences.

So, hi! Name is Eyja Masliza. In the age of 20 23 years old, I successfully own two cats: H & M (there are two different cats). *drumroll*  I can proudly announced that I am dating a guy named K♥. Since I am the only child so yeah, I am a princess in my parents' hearts (soo perasan!)

This Blog Eyja has become part of my life and I will never stop blogging. (I did stop blog before this due to my life schedule was so busy that moment) but I can promise that I will not going to stop blogging. It is because I extremely love what I am doing right now. And I would love to bring Blog Eyja not just into a higher level, but also to make it worth for everybody especially who is visiting my blog.

And the most vital thing is, this is my happy place and it can be yours too!

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