With No Internet, What Can I Do?

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Assalamualaikum hi peeps. Whatchu doing? Have youjoin my segmen? Click here if you wanna join Segmen: Blog Eyja Dot Com Carik Bloglist. It's a very simple rule yet it's gonna be fun! 

Btw, I am super busy during this upcoming Ramadhan, like freaking busy! I can't even scroll my twitter more than 15 minutes. Soooo not a social person anymore. Like sedih jugak kadang, I'm like not having my normal life (normal ke?) by scrolling phone, sleep, blog, watching a TV (like seriously Jaa, that's not normal!)

I am going to make a post about those who willing to answered my Blue Sky Tag post (thank you for answering my 11 questions, loveeeeeee <3)

And I am going to pick 5 blogs from bloggers who joined my Segmen: Blog Eyja Dot Com Carik Bloglist and I am going to make a review about their blog and I am going to pick some winners to win ringgit prices!!!!! OMG Gilekau tak nak join? So let's join!

And many other posts that I am going to proofread and publish soon! (it has been on my draft for a veeeeery long time!)

And and and I am trully sorry for cannot make any effort to join any segmen or giveaway that has been invited by other bloggers. Itu adalah kerana kesibukan saya yang melampau takut tak terterjah blog-blog yang join. That's why I am doing my own segmen so that I can stalk you guys whenever I want. Hihihi. (kalau ada masa, insyaAllah eyja akan join untuk support kome :*)

Tapi tulah, masalah sikit, tempat eyja takde strong lne untuk Yes eyja untuk beroperasi yang membolehkan eyja main blog pesemua, twitter pun tak jalan tau kat tempat eyja!!! :'( I really want to to blogging and blogging but with no Internet, what can I do?


  1. what can you do? ermm maybe u can focus more about whatchu doing now. about blogging tu, draft la dulu, nanti dah ada internet. just type it.

    1. Hah tulah. Banyak yang dah draft but when it comes to nak publish, typing error lah having no ideas lah and all that. At last, terperap jugak kat draft. Hahaha

  2. Tak berkesempatan lagi nak join segmen eyja.yang tag tu pun tak sempat lagi nak buat 😭😭 busy sgt dengan deadline semua

    1. Takpe. Nanti join ya? :* Good luck okay shayang <3


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