Segmen : Seorang Syed Nak Bloglist!

Segmen : Seorang Syed Nak Bloglist!

Why Blog Eyja want to diletakkan di dalam bloglist Seorang Syed is because of Blog Eyja sure that Syed will always come here and leave comment and since I use English for my post, sometimes. And you can help my writing skills by correcting the words that I used. Because Syed TESL, kan? So kita share ilmu. InsyaAllah. Pastu pulak, kalau sudi nak letak Blog Eyja dalam your bloglist, alhamdulillah terima kasih. Kalau tak pun, takpe. still jugak Blog Eyja terjah blog-blog yang singgah Blog Eyja :D

Review pulak, to be honest. Please put the categories or labels. I always stalk and scrolling someone's blog posts by using their labels/categories. So it helps me a lot and I believe it help others too. Dan, takdak Cbox. Entahlah, I wont scroll blogger's blog kalau takde Cbox. Macam "hey you I nak kawan dengan you, you suruh orang jalan blog you tapi takde pintu rumah nak suruh orang bagi salam." hah gitu. Your blog is neat yet simple. That's the most important, keep it simple but still attractive. I would definately will visit your blog later. Sebab takde benda yang serabut such as lagu, bling-bling and all that. And lagi satu, bila tengok blog Syed, teringat blog FizGraphic. Oh, and one more thing please put Read More to your posts. Overall I give 4/5 for the very nice design :)


  1. Hi blog eyja, thanks for joining my segment. Sure, I would love to help anything if you ever need my help haha.

    Again, thanks for the honest review. As for the chatbox, I'm not ready for that. I don't know why but I think we can connect to each other using comment as well haha maybe one fine day I would think about it. I don't really know how to make a read more post, will do a research about it later lol. Thanks anyway! :)

    1. You are so welcome! It would be great! Thank you sudi share ilmu! :D

      It's okay. You can think about it later :P Have fun in blogging world btw! :))


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