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Friday, April 21, 2017

Kalau Kau Rasa...

Hi peeps! :)

Have you ever feel like unhappy? Things you do, all gets wrong.. Or have you stressed out? Have you ever feel like no one is there to support or being there for you? Have you ever feel like you were there when somebody needs you but when you need someone, you just don't want to disturb anybody? I do, sometimes.. And I believed that we all do. Well, it's okay. Our lives doesn't have to be perfect all the time, aite? We have no right to not being sad or dissapointed and many other negative emotions.

There is a way to find out what is going wrong or what is happening... And then we can figure out what are the steps that we can do in order to feel better. So today, I would love to share to you about if you feel this and that, then what should you do..
  • If you tested with lust, then check your prayer. 
  • If you were stubborn, depraved, and feeling uneasy, then check you relationship with your parents.
  • If you feel stress and living in hardship, then check you relationship with Al-Quran
  • If you can't accept the truth, alway feel harassed and tense, then check how you react based on what you've heard from people who advice you.
Sometimes, we don't realise when did we hurt someone. We some other times also do not know when do we did wrong. Because we are not 'maksum'. So, whenever you feel these four categories, please recheck your life. I hope this post benefits you. :)


  1. stress tu kena control betul betul kan, kalau tak abes semua benda tak jadi. so be happy ejya :)

    1. haah. the way we handle the stress is vital because it leads to our lives, kan? :D

  2. Good advise for your readers, thanks for sharing some of the ways!
    It would be really helpful to some of us.

    1. Well, thank you too for reading this! Hope it helps you and others, including me :)


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