Monday, March 20, 2017

Recipe: Jelantah

Hello readers! 

Tonight I want to share to you on how to make an easy Jelantah or Acar. All you know is just six ingredients.
1. A pineapple
2. A cucumber
3. 2 pieces big red onion (manede bawang putih besar, kan?)
4. A red chillies
5. Salt
6. Sugar
Cut the nenas and timun into thin (potong nipis-nipis okays?). Same goes to cili and bawang, gais! And then, after you mix them all together, you sprinkles as much salt and sugar do you like. If you want sweet, you put more sugar, If you want salty, then you put more salt. And you mix all the ingredients until smooth, and it is finish! You can eat this jelantah with anything you want, such as rice etc. Like this one... Me eating my jelantah with rice and ikan kembung and my iced green tea :3
Till then, bye! :*


  1. Dah lama tak makan jelatah. Selau makan dekat kenduri je 😄

    1. kalau kat kenduri memang selalu buat, makan gitu pun boleh kan... sedap! :P

  2. kalau kita selalu sebut jelatah je..or acar timur & nenas

    1. banyakkan nama makanan ni? eyja pun tak tahu nama sebenarnya apa. huhuhu

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