Monday, March 13, 2017

Tutorial: the Easiest Way to Get a Photo Link

Hi peeps! Today I wanna share to you about how to get a photo link with the simplest way. You doesn't have to upload your photo at photobucket or else. Well yeah, maybe everybody knows. But I still wanna share. LOL. Its because there is someone asked me how to get a photo link, and I believe newbies are still fresh and have lots to learn. So I am making this tutorial so its easy for Diela to get a photo link in the future. :)

1) Dashboard > Create New Post 
2) Upload a photo at your post
3) Go to HTML and the link that I highlighted is the is the example of  link for the photo

How To Adjust Image Size
<center><img src=”photo URL” style=”height:200px; width:300px;“/></center>
  • <center></center> to make your photo center
  • photo URL the link that you have copied
  • 200px 300px is the size of your image, it is adjustable
Pink Note: Feel free to ask me if you don't understand :)


  1. hehe . thanks so much dear make this tutorial for me.

    1. welcome and its my pleasure darling <3

  2. nice share.. dulu dok guna photobucket jugak..

  3. weh rindunya photobucket! sekarang takyah dah. ada easy way dah :D


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